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Turkish Get-up Workshop

The most complete and comprehensive training and education on the Turkish Get-up offered anywhere.

Take your athletic performance to new levels by mastering the Turkish Get-Up at this in-depth workshop.  The TGU is an exercise for everyone so there is no need to be a fitness professional to attend this course.  Absolutely no experience is required.


After attending this 4-hour course you can expect to know...

  • how to confidently perform the TGU as efficiently as possible for your specific body

  • why everyone should understand how to perform the TGU

  • when to use specific mobility drills to address problem areas

  • how to teach others to safely perform a TGU on their own

  • how to use the TGU as an assessment tool to help build a complete training program

The skills taught here can be immediately applied to your fitness journey, bringing you closer to your goals even faster. Don't hesitate to sign up now!

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