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Eddie trained me for 2 years and I can't recommend him enough. He was consistently thoughtful and responsive and pushed me to achieve my fitness goals. Eddie was also flexible in his approach as he helped me recover from (unrelated) injuries and transition from training in a gym to outdoor sessions during COVID-times. Eddie's a world-class guy and will help anyone reach their fitness aspirations.

- Morgan P.


I thought I knew kettlebells before I met Eddie. I was wrong. Eddie is a kettlebell master and can quickly pinpoint the little (or big) adjustments you need to make to perfect your workout. I was quickly able to lift heavier weights than I had before, suffer less strain on my back and knees, and get a more full-body workout than I thought was possible with just kettlebells. Eddie also trains with a carefree ease that is supportive and challenging. Bummed I can't work out with him any more in SF but, when in Vegas ...!!!

- Eddie R.

Eddie is simply the best. I've been training with him for 3 years, and before Eddie, I had never touched a kettlebell or lifted many weights. He's gotten me in the best shape of my life - never been stronger or leaner. You won't find anyone more educated on the subject, and attentive to detail/technique to ensure you don't get hurt (it's so easy to do these moves incorrectly) and are getting the most out of the workout. He's very personalized in his approach. Somehow he always remembers my specific weights and what level I'm at for each move. And he's fun and just a great guy. Vegas is lucky to have him! I'll miss ya, Eddie!

- Kelsey C.


I would like to thank Eddie for all his time and effort training me for the past year. Before I met Eddie I lacked the confidence and knowledge to go to a gym. I have accomplished so many goals with him as my trainer. He is very patient and made sure everything is done with proper form. He also tailored my workouts for my specific needs. I would recommend him to family and friends. He definitely goes above and beyond!

- Chris H.


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