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The Triple Kettlebell Program

Intro / Are you sure?:

OK! I did it! You’ve finally forced me to program for your limited equipment situation. So why did I decide to break down and write out an “At-Home” workout? Well, it’s coming with some contingencies.

Firstly; why did I not want to write an at-home workout program in the first place? Simply put; I believe in strength. Strength is the foundation of all athletic attributes and strength training is tricky (though possible) to accomplish using no equipment and nothing but bodyweight training. I would have felt dishonest and scammy taking money to only have you do burpees, planks, push-ups, side shuffles, or whatever nonsense you can probably find on youtube for free. So I wanted to make sure when I released something, it would actually be worthwhile.

Secondly; as such, this is not an exclusively bodyweight program. As far as equipment goes, you will need a few things: 1) Two kettlebells (recommended from Rogue Fitness or Kettlebell Kings), each weighing what you can press for 5 repetitions with great form, and a single kettlebell 12kg heavier than the first two. 2) A pull-up bar. 3) A sturdy platform you can do push-ups and glute bridges on. A bench or box is ideal. If you do not have those things you must make it happen. Or you can make excuses and find a different program. Modifications to accommodate your lack of equipment will not be made. See reason #1 above.

Thirdly; you must have already mastered The Single-Arm Swing, The Clean, The Press, The Squat, and The Turkish Get-Up. If you are not confident in your ability to perform these exercises with excellent form, seek out individual coaching or attend a class where we cover these movements in person.

About the program:

This is a minimalist strength program, through and through. You need a single kettlebell. You need a pull-up bar. You need your bodyweight. You need about 45 minutes. The intended outcome of this program is increased athleticism through strength. Other side effects may include; increased mobility, decreased body fat, better body-awareness, increased muscle density, increased cardiovascular capacity, and improved posture.